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Although the Service Cost Calculators like Homewyse aren't very accurate they can give homeowners a general idea how much their project should cost without getting lots of estimates. There are some links below to help give you a better understanding.

Average cost to stain a deck ->  HomewyseDeckStainCalculator

Average cost to stain a fence -> HomewyseFenceStainCalculator

Average cost for exterior repaint -> HomewysePaintCalculator

Interior Painting

Walls-> $0.90-$3.00 per square foot

Ceilings-> $1.00-$2.50

Trim work-> $1 to $4 per linear foot.

Fence Staining

Our aim is that you are completely satisfied with our products and services. That's why we offer and unbeatable 2 year warranty on fence staining.   Cleaning starts at $0.15 - $0.75 per sq ft.            Staining starts at $0.60 - $1.05 per sq ft.

Deck Staining

Includes an unbeatable 1 year warranty.           Pressure washing starts at $,0.25 - $1.50 per sq ft.                Sanding Starts at $2.00 - $5.00.  (if needed)                      Staining starts at $1.50 - $4.50 a sq ft. 

Exterior Painting

Everything we do centers on providing services of the highest level of quality. 

There are many different types of exterior painting so prices vary too much to post here. Please contact for a quote!


We pride ourselves on our efficient procedures and solutions, but we continually strive for improvement in order to stay competitive while delivering results more effectively.

Fair Prices

Satisfying customers is our top priority. That’s why we believe in offering fair and transparent prices with no hidden fees or extra charges.

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