The Stain Right Advantage

Why you should choose us


  • When we start your project we work on it until it’s done, we don’t jump from job to job. Meaning you get your space back as soon as possible. 
  • We’re fully insured with general liability, commercial auto and workers compensation meaning that you can rest easy. Some companies operate without these necessary insurance plans, this could cost a homeowners millions of dollars if something goes wrong. 
  • We use the best paint materials and tools appropriate for your project so that you can rest assured it will last a long time and need less maintenance. 
  • We will use eco friendly, low VOC products when appropriate. They won’t off-gas in or around your home, family and pets. They provide great protection but without the worry of harmful side effects. 
  • Our stains/paints are made for professionals. These coatings and our professional techniques will be the best for your decks, fences, walls, trim, doors, cabinets, ceilings, and exteriors. 
  • If it’s not done right, stain right will fix it, it’s right there in our name. Stain Right and it’s associates take pride in their work. The old fashioned way. 
  •  Training - We have several certifications in the painting/staning field and attend multiple local and national trades events a year to ensure we stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques.
  • We use more stain than other deck and fence contractors, generally 1 gallon for every 100-120 sq ft. We never over apply the stain. 
  •  Your belongings and home will be protected because of our masking techniques or wiping them clean.
  • We always use the correct chemicals to clean your project. Using the wrong ones can result in unseen damages around your home and even premature rotting of wood/failed stain.
  • Licensed and insured, your family, home and every worker representing Stain Right is covered so you can stay worry free. 
  • Environmentally Safe, other contractors use up to 350-550 VOC stains which are harmful to their health and yours. 
  • Seals, waterproofs, preserves and conditions wood.
  • Penetrates the wood and forms an internal seal.
  • Slows seepage, dampness, molding, fungus and warping.
  • Extends the life of wood unlike some other stains which trap moisture speeding the rot process.
  • Delays steel nails, fasteners, brackets and screws from rusting.



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